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What is wrong with my tree??

A fungal disease known as Sieridium Canker is very prevalent this year and can be spotted on Incense Cedars (shown here) as well as Leland Cypress & Junipers.

The disease spreads from nearby trees in spring when fungal spores are transported during rainy and windy weather.  When these fungal spores land on branch bark cracks, they cause sores (lesions) and blisters (cankers).  These cankers girdle branches, cutting off nutrient transport and causing tip dieback which appears as brown, dead areas referred to as “flagging”.  The main trunk of the tree starts dying from the top down and depending on the age of the tree, Seiridium Canker disease can kill a young tree in less than a year.

Trees which are stressed by heat, drought and poor soil conditions are most severely impacted by this disease.  The top photo was taken in July 2014 before treatment.  The crews of Northwest Tree Specialists pruned out dead branches (flagging areas) and treated these trees with an anti-fungal treatments, as well as our 100% organic Compost Tea to improve soil conditions.  The bottom photo was taken in July 2015, 1-year later.



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