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Heat and drought stress in trees: How to recognize

With the lack of rain and excessive heat we have experienced this summer, your trees may be showing signs of heat and drought stress.  This is important to recognize because when trees are stressed, they become much more susceptible to diseases and insect attacks which can lead to further tree decline, or death.

The photo below shows a Maple & Ash tree, both showing signs of heat and drought stress.  Leaves on the tree on the left are brown and dry due to excessive heat exposure.  Leaves on the tree to the right are beginning to change color early.  Crown die-back (bare stick-like branches at the tops of trees) is another sign of heat and drought stress.

heat stress

Trees can handle normal amounts of excessive heat but extended days of high temperatures (heat stress) combined with a lack of water (drought stress) leave your trees depleted of energy reserves.  Insects are good at detecting stressed trees and move in.  With a weakened vascular system, and no energy reserves left, trees often cannot fight off these attacks which can lead to tree failure/death.

What to do?  Because each species of tree is different, there is no blanket recommendation.  The best approach is a tree inspection by a Certified Arborist.  Proactive tree care is always much less expensive than tree failure and replacement so call us today!  503-645-2242