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Mighty tree leaning on structure requires two cranes to remove

When crews were called in to help with a hazardous tree removal in Welches last week, the tree was so large and in such a precarious position (bracing itself at an angle with the house as its support) that an emergency team strategy meeting was called to come up with a game plan for how to safely remove the tree.  With no other trees nearby to tie into, and with the risk that trying to remove the leaning tree in sections could cause a weight redistribution in the tree creating severe safety concerns for tree workers and nearby structures, the crew realized this task was risky.  After some deliberation and collaboration of the Northwest Tree team, it was decided that two cranes would be needed to accomplish this risky removal.  One crane would secure the tree while the second crane would hoist tree workers, giving them the ability to work around the tree but not IN the tree, creating lower risk and safer working conditions.  See time lapsed video of the amazing work performed by our talented tree crew members Neptali & Tom who are shown working from the bucket, as well as their support team on the ground.

Watch here