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Fungus (conk’s, mushrooms) on or around your tree signal a potential problem

Fall is the time of year when tree decay can be more easily spotted as certain fungal growths begin to appear.  If you notice fungal growths (conk’s, mushrooms) on or around your tree, this can be a sign of internal decay. Defects found near the lower stem of a tree between the ground and eye level are easiest to spot and may indicate a root or stem problem. Other signs of trunk or root decay are loose bark, cavities/hollow areas, cracks depression or swelling of the trunk or stem. Decay of a tree’s stem or roots may cause the tree to become weak and potentially hazardous.

Northwest Tree Specialists has 14 Certified Arborists on staff. If you have a tree with signs of a fungal growth on our around the main stem of the tree or other warning signs noted above, contact us for a no cost consultation to determine the health and stability of the tree. 503.645.2242